5 Powerful Escape Room Statistics & Facts That Will Surprise You!

With escape rooms being a relatively new form of entertainment (but one that is growing insanely fast!) you might be wondering what other people think about escape rooms and what the past, present, and future of the industry looks like.

Here are 5 incredible statistics & facts about escape rooms to help you understand this new form of live-action entertainment:

1. Growth of Escape Rooms

You might be aware that escape rooms have grown significantly in the last few years just because they have gone somewhat viral. But let’s put this growth into numbers for you.

In 2014, only 2 dozen escape rooms were in the US. In 2016 this skyrocketed by 800%.

What’s even more impressive is where the industry is going in the future!

By 2029 the global escape room market will reach 7 billion dollars. With escape rooms already seeing over 100 MILLION walk-ins to their facilities across the globe spanning the entirety of the concept's lifespan, this is great news for fans of these mind-bending puzzles.

2. What Do People REALLY Think About Escape Rooms?

Did you know that no other live-action entertainment experience comes close to the satisfaction that escape rooms draw?

In years past, EscapeRoom.com sampled 2,500 venues in the entertainment, fun, gaming, adventure, and leisure genre in the top 52 US cities and found that the overall satisfaction of the 486 escape room venues in the mix had an average rating of 4.84/5!

High-quality rooms deliver high-quality experiences that can create lasting memories for you, your friends, and your family.

Group Of Children Playing Together

Escape Rooms are awesome!

“…high-quality experiences that can create lasting memories for you, your friends, and your family.”

3. Prominent Escape Room Themes

We all gravitate towards certain themes when it comes to our entertainment. You might be a fan of sci-fi, whereas your wife or kids might be more into superheroes. But did you know that the most popular themes change based on geography?

One study suggested that horror themes are by far the most popular in Asia and account for 24% of the rooms. European players favour last-century themes, while Americans prefer modern themes and rooms.

Overall, fantasy makes up 12% of the global rooms, future and tech-themed rooms make up 7%, and the modern era takes up a whopping 25% of the rooms.

4. Escape Rates & You

One of the most common questions about escape rooms is how many people, on average, actually solve escape rooms. The answer might surprise you.

According to EscapeRoomArtist.com, the “escape rate” for escape rooms is between 15-30%, with the easiest rooms approaching the 50% escape rate.

Escape rooms are more than just simple puzzles which means that you are going to have to put your collective brains together with your team to solve them within the time limit.

This is what makes escape rooms exciting! If it were too easy, it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

5. The Future of Escape Rooms

The future of escape rooms has limitless potential and these innovations might be coming sooner than you think.

Even though escape rooms are a relatively new concept, innovations like gamification, interactive storytelling, and collaborative technology can help take escape room experiences to a whole new level.

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“…you are going to have to put your collective brains together with your team to solve them within the time limit.”

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