You Have 45 Minutes To Escape
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Opening Hours

Thurs: 5pm to 10pm

Fri: 5pm to midnight

Sat: 11am to midnight

Sun: 12pm to 6pm

Special Hours: Open for March Break (March 1st to 17th)

Additional hours available for large groups. Contact us for details.

All of our room bookings are private.

So you will always get to choose exactly who you want to escape with!

What is an Escape Room?

Unlock Adventure

Escape Rooms are an experience like no other…Your goal is to complete games and puzzles that will unlock the following puzzle until you finally escape. The best part is that you get to do this in a fun thematic setting that is full of exciting surprises!

Time Is Ticking

With only 45 minutes on the clock, you will need to think quickly and work together in order to escape and win. Although there is no danger involved, you will surely feel the pressure to escape as time ticks down! What will you do with your 45 minutes?

Thrilling Puzzles

Put your minds to the test and work with your friends, colleagues or family to solve a series of puzzles in an immersive setting. Each room contains a unique adventure with an exciting environment to explore and fun puzzles to solve.

Family Fun

Escape rooms are a great way to bond with your family and share a unique experience! Lockdown is family-friendly and children 6 years and over can enjoy most of our escape experiences. Every group must have at least one player over 15 years old. Make a family memory today!

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Escape Rooms

The Visitors


45 minutes ∙ 2-6 Players ∙ $23.90

Searching for help in the darkness you come across a mysterious building. At first it seems like a safe haven, but something isn’t right. Coming here might have been the worst mistake of your life…



45 minutes ∙ 2-6 Players ∙ $23.90

The carnival is coming to town, but beware! There has been a series of murders at the carnival and everyone is a suspect. The killer is set to strike again and you are trapped inside! Find out who the murderer is before your time is up or you may end up their next victim! Don't forget to smile...

Trudeau Towers


45 minutes ∙ 2-6 Players ∙ $23.90

You’ve booked your stay at the city’s most luxurious hotel, Trudeau Towers. You enter the elevator to take you to your deluxe suite, but the elevator stops along the way due to a bomb threat in the building. Do you have what it takes to defuse the bomb and save the building?!

Introducing Our Brand New Room...

The Time Team Trilogy


45 minutes ∙ 2-6 Players ∙ $23.90

Save your family by travelling through time to defeat an evil villain! Until today, that could only happen in your wildest fantasy! The Time Team Trilogy brings that fantasy to life, as you enter a comic book world and reach your superhero potential. Play all three chapters to unlock every twist and turn of this immersive and interactive story!

CHAPTERS: This trilogy contains 3 unique chapters to play! Please select Chapter 1, 2 or 3 when checking out. We HIGHLY recommend that you start with Chapter 1.

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We host birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate retreats and team building events!
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