Escape Room Themes Across the World

Escape Rooms have exploded in popularity over the years in North America, but also all across the world. They offer challenging puzzles and riddles appropriate for the whole family and can be a unique and fun way to bond with coworkers and family alike.

With origins in Kyoto, Japan, Escape Rooms have been celebrated and popularized not only in North America but all across Asia and Europe over the last few years.

Escape Rooms offer a variety of themes, so in this blog, we wanted to highlight these themes and which regions these are popular in to expand your escape room knowledge.

Technology & Sci-Fi Themes

In the US, South Korea, Japan, and other technological hubs, the awe of technology helps high-tech Escape Room themes thrive. These rooms transport players to cutting-edge labs, futuristic cities, and can even take place in space.

As the tech being added to Escape Rooms advances, with the likes of Augmented Reality (AR) and gamification looking to be an industry trend moving forward, technology and sci-fi-themed escape rooms will only become more popular across the world.

Superhero Themes

Superhero themes place you in the shoes of a hero or your group in a team of heroes to thwart evil and save the day. If you enjoy Marvel and DC movies, comics, or books these are a great way to help feel like the characters in these movies. Popular in North America, these Escape Rooms embrace the popularity of everything and anything hero-related in the West.

At Lockdown Ottawa, our Time Team Trilogy helps scratch that superhero itch and is perfect for players with an affinity towards superheroes like Spiderman or Batman. It’s a multi-chaptered experience so playing them in chronological order is key!
The immersive setting of the Escape Room, The Time Team Trilogy

Become a superhero!

“…Time Team Trilogy helps scratch that superhero itch and is perfect for players with an affinity towards superheroes…”

Supernatural & Horror Themes

Popular in Asia and the East, Horror themes are often inspired by local ghost stories or urban legends. Ideal for those fascinated with these supernatural themes, these are popular in places like South Korea and Mexico.

At Lockdown Ottawa, we love horror-themed escape rooms and we have two amazing escape room experiences that will deliver the chills just in time for Halloween with our Carnevil and The Visitors rooms!

Crime & Detective Themes

Popular in Europe and the UK, crime and detective themes are for those enamored by the intrigue of crime novels, mystery TV, and detective stories. Typically you will start with a few clues on a crime that has unfolded and will have to race against the clock to determine who has committed the crime.

There are also scenarios where you need to save the lives of yourself and your teammates as you get entangled in a web of deceit and mystery, stringing together clues to help prevent or stop an event from happening. Such is the case with our Trudeau Towers Escape Room, which has you racing against the clock to defuse a bomb that you have stumbled upon while staying in a luxury hotel.

Unraveling the mystery

“…get entangled in a web of deceit and mystery… ”

Escape Room experiences all over the world are a testament to the diversity and creativity of human imagination. Whether it's deciphering futuristic technologies or unraveling ancient myths, Escape Rooms continue to captivate people from all walks of life, providing fun and engaging shared experiences.
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